Monday, 28 August 2017
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 The 2nd Meeting of the Argentina-Chile Strategic Dialogue Forum was held today in Santiago and served as an opportunity to ratify the decision to work jointly with a future vision.

The session was opened by the Chilean Foreign Minister, Heraldo Muñoz. It was attended by Argentine Ambassador José Octavio Bordón and Chilean Ambassador José Antonio Viera-Gallo and by government, Congress and diplomatic officials from both countries.

The aim of the Forum is to increase and strengthen strategic ties through establishing a permanent framework for debate capable of identifying, with a forward-looking approach, the topics that will mark the bilateral agenda by 2030.

With a view to maintaining the forward-looking perspective of the Forum, participants agreed to work in 5 committees: Connectivity; Market Alliances; Scientific and Technical and Academic Cooperation; Sustainable Economic Development, and Strategic Horizon and Shared Interests.  In addition, the delegations agreed that it is necessary to make short and long-term proposals, identifying all areas that enable joint work, both bilaterally and globally.

The Forum will continue to hold periodic meetings and virtual meetings to advance with the common agenda.

The Forum is comprised of permanent ad honorem representatives of the public sector, the private sector, civil society and the academic sector. During this year, Chile assumed the Secretariat Pro Tempore of the Forum through the Directorate for Strategic Planning of the Chilean Foreign Ministry. As for Argentina, coordination is the responsibility of the General Directorate for Latin American Policy.


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