Saturday, 22 October 2016
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After participating in the ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organization (WTO) held in Oslo, Foreign Minister Malcorra referred to Argentina’s role at the meeting: “Argentina arouses great interest at a time when the world is going through a wave of isolationist policies, an almost xenophobic reaction that we are witnessing in many sectors.”

“Argentina appears as a beacon in the night: an open country which is inserting and reinserting itself into the world, which is seeking to integrate in the best possible manner. This meeting was important because Argentina will host the WTO Ministerial Conference next year and this means that we are going to have a significant role in trade negotiations in the upcoming months, which will surely conclude with an agreement when we meet in Buenos Aires with all the countries in the world”, stated Malcorra in an interview with La Red radio station.

As regards Argentina’s image in the world, the Foreign Minister remarked that “Argentina represents multiple opportunities. If we look at the infrastructure investment plan launched, we see great interest from various countries in different sectors, from renewable energies, which is one of the main areas of investment throughout the world, to all aspects relating to the improvement of ports, railway logistics and road logistics. This has attracted attention and, in the bidding processes relating to renewable energies, we have received a bid that was six and a half times higher than we were willing to settle for. This is evidence of the fact that what we are doing is highly interesting to the world.”

Malcorra also affirmed that “It is important to show commitment and to convey messages, but it is also important to consistently show the decisions, the types of laws and some of the resolutions enacted by Congress, which are evidence of the existence of an opposing party that has joined the effort to strengthen the foreseeability of Argentine institutions. All of this is essential.”

“The WTO is based on the principle that trade openness is the main pillar of growth. If global growth figures are taken into consideration, the greatest growth spurts have taken place at times of trade openness. That is the principle that we adhere to. Of course, under that principle, not all countries see everything in the same light all the time, which is why our goal is to find common agendas to make progress in this respect”, she concluded.

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