Wednesday, 12 July 2017
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“Finding a solution to the situation brought about in Argentine territory by the dump of Chile’s Los Pelambres mine is of major importance for the Argentine Government,” stated today Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie after receiving the governor of the Province of San Juan, Segio Uñac, in his office.

“We met with authorities of the Province of San Juan after the examination ordered by the Federal Court was concluded,” the Foreign Minister explained. In addition, he added that “this is a great concern for the people of San Juan,” and that based on this examination “we will double our efforts and work to find a short-term solution, jointly with the Chilean Government, that restores the situation to its previous state.

In May, a High-Level Bilateral Committee held its first meeting to address the subject, and it will be hosting its second meeting within the next days.

Since 2011, and by way of several requests, Argentina has been asking Chile to solve this matter. Since late 2015, the Argentine Foreign Ministry has been acting jointly with the Ministry of Energy and Mining and the Ministry of Environment before the Chilean Foreign Ministry, as a result of which Los Pelambres company has already withdrawn a substantial number of tyres. The next step will be to remove the rubble that still remains in the place.

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