Friday, 17 March 2017
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In the context of the actions that the Argentine Government has been implementing to promote the federalization of foreign trade and investments, a team from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs visited the Province of Rio Negro.

Following the work carried out in 2016 by Vice-Governor Pedro Pesatti and Deputy Foreign Minister Pedro Villagra Delgado, several meetings were held in Viedma between officials from the Undersecretariat for Trade Promotion and Investment Development and provincial authorities and businesspersons from Rio Negro.

The officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spoke about trade and investment trends and discussed the specific conditions of global demand for the goods and services offered by the Province of Rio Negro, with Vice-Governor Pesatti, provincial legislature authorities, officials of the ministries of agriculture, production, planning, fisheries and tourism, and representatives of Rio Negro´s Economic Development Agency.

The Undersecretary for Trade Promotion and Investment Development, Marcelo Lucco, remarked that the meetings were very productive and highlighted the number of people convened by the Vice-Governor. Furthermore, he stated: “We have made available to the other ministries, provinces and agencies strategic information on trade and investment opportunities, obtained through the analysis and systematization of the factors detected by our more than 150 representations throughout the world; our Embassies, Consulates, and Promotion Centers which serve as our eyes in the various markets.”

For his part, Vice-Governor Pesatti underscored that “the goal of the meeting was to analyze strategies to boost investments in the Province and assess actions that favour exports of Rio Negro´s products. It is important to access new markets and the officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can provide their vast knowledge of the context of international trade in our regional products, ranging from nuts to cattle breeding and food products.”


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