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Information for Argentine nationals travelling to Russia

In connection with the FIFA World Cup 2018, to be held from 14 June to 15 July in the Russian Federation, the Argentine Foreign Ministry wishes to offer advice on the most important matters to be taken into consideration by Argentine nationals travelling for this major sports event.

For further information, a website and a video containing all relevant recommendations can be accessed at the following links:

WEBSITE: argentinosenrusia2018.cancilleria.gob.ar
VIDEO: www.youtube.com

The first part of this report lists the most important recommendations as regards preparations for the trip to Russia, as well as advice on what to do upon arrival. The second part of this report offers more information on each item.


If you are an Argentine national travelling with an Argentine passport, you do not need a visa to enter the Russian Federation for the purpose of attending the World Cup (A).

Your passport must remain valid for at least ninety days as from the date of entry into Russia (B).

DO NOT enter Russia through Belarus by land, in order to avoid immigration hurdles. For more information, see (C).

Purchase travel insurance with medical coverage. See (D).

Make sure that you have sufficient economic means to afford your stay. See (E).

Verify that the contents of your luggage do not violate any restrictions or prohibitions that may affect its entry into Russia. See (F).

Obtain your FAN ID. See (G).

If you are planning to drive or rent a car, remember to pack your driver’s licence translated into Russian or an international driver’s licence. See (H).

Register on the website www.cancillería.gov.ar/… so that Argentine consular authorities are informed of your stay in Russia and can offer assistance if needed.


Request, without delay, proof of registration from your hotel or accommodation establishment of choice in every Russian city. Carry this form with you, alongside your passport and the immigration card you will be given upon arrival in the country. See (1).

If you are planning to travel to another city by train to watch a match, pay special attention to the instructions given by Russian authorities. See (2).

In order to enjoy a hassle-free stay, respect behavioural rules and customs in public spaces. See (3).

Knowing and observing the FIFA Code of Conduct in stadiums will help you feel safer and allow you to make the most of matches. See (4).

In case of an emergency, contact Argentine consular authorities immediately at (7) 903-725 1449. For further information on the Consular Section of the Argentine Embassy in Moscow, see (5).

If you are arrested, request the police to inform the Argentine Consulate without delay.


(A) Argentine nationals who hold an Argentine passport are visa-exempt to visit Russia as tourists, for a maximum period of 90 days as from the date of entry into the country.

Upon entry into Russia, you will be given an immigration card by Russian immigration authorities, which you must keep until you leave Russian territory. For security purposes, verify that the information on the card has been correctly entered, paying close attention to the date of entry. Bear in mind that you will be requested to present this card in accommodation establishments and upon exiting Russia, as well as on other occasions.

(B) Your Argentine passport must contain two blank pages and must be in good condition. It is important to travel with a separate set of photocopies of your passport, to be used in case of an emergency.

You may be requested to present your passport in various situations, such as currency exchange, access to train stations and document checks by the police, among others.

(C) Given that the Russian Federation does not allow the entry of foreign nationals into the country through Belarus by land (due to the lack of immigration controls between both countries), refrain from using this port of entry into Russia. Entry of Argentine nationals under these conditions will be considered illegal, despite being visa-exempt.

(D) Since medical attention for foreign nationals in Russia is provided in expensive special medical centres, it is essential to purchase comprehensive, high-coverage medical insurance which is valid for the entire length of your stay.

If you must take medication during your stay, make sure you carry the necessary dosage alongside the original doctor’s prescription or a copy of it, preferably translated into Russian.

(E) Remember to inform your bank of the trip, in order to prevent card blocking.
Foreign currency is not accepted in Russia as a means of payment. It is advisable to carry dollars or euros in order to exchange them, and to verify the exact exchange rate beforehand. Bear in mind that the cost of using ATMs may be high and that technical malfunction is a possibility.

(F) As in every country, there are access regulations on luggage and personal belongings. For further information, visit the website of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which contains details pertaining to Russia at goo.gl/xpbEFX. Pay special attention to prohibitions and restrictions

(G) The FAN ID is a document issued by the FIFA Organising Committee to ticket holders, in order to strengthen security at stadiums and prevent illegal ticket sales. It is a personal, non-transferable means of identification that can be obtained once you have purchased an official ticket; therefore, it is an essential and mandatory document in order to access stadiums. WITHOUT YOUR FAN ID, YOU WILL BE DENIED ACCESS TO STADIUMS.

If you lose your FAN ID, you may be issued a duplicate by contacting the Distribution Centre and presenting your passport.

The FAN ID entitles holders to use urban public transport for free (including buses, trolleybuses, trams and subways, as needed) in order to travel to and from stadiums.

In order to gain access to free railway transport between cities, which has been planned specifically for matches, you must present your FAN ID, your ticket, your passport and your transport ticket, preferably printed.

In order to obtain your ticket, you must register on www.tickets.transport2018.com, by loading your FAN ID number and your personal details (full name, date of birth, sex, nationality, ID type, series and number, e-mail address and mobile phone number). Once you have loaded your ticket number, as well as the date, time and city of the match, the system will propose a route, train and seat number. After selecting a route and seat number, you will receive a booking confirmation at your e-mail address and mobile phone number. If you lose your train ticket, you may request a new one by presenting a written request and the document used to obtain it.

(H) Argentine tourists can drive in Russia with an Argentine driver’s licence officially translated into Russian or an international driver’s licence. Both documents must be valid for the entire length of your stay.

Private cars rented to transport 7 passengers or more must be specially registered with the Russian Ministry of Transport.


(1) Russia requires foreign nationals to register their stay with the Russian Ministry of the Interior. World Cup attendees must register within 24 hours after arrival in the city where they intend to stay. Registration is compulsory every time you change your place of lodging (within the same city or to a different city). In order to register, you must present your passport and the immigration card you will be given upon arrival in Russia.

Although hotels and other accommodation establishments usually register their guests automatically upon arrival, make sure to request your registration as well as proof of such registration. If you are staying at a rented apartment or a private home, you must request registration to the owner/host, as well as delivery of proof of registration. Before renting an apartment, make sure that the owner undertakes to register you upon arrival and provide you with proof of such registration.

FAILURE TO REGISTER MAY RESULT IN SERIOUS PROBLEMS, such as being turned away from other accommodation establishments upon changing your place of lodging, having your fingerprints taken during a police check, or paying a fine (during your stay or after leaving the country).

(2) It is highly recommended that you arrive at the station at least 30 minutes before departure.

All passengers and their personal belongings will undergo controls similar to airport checks. Persons with medical conditions that may cause a security check hold-up must provide medical proof of their condition in order to receive preferential treatment. In addition, persons with reduced mobility will receive preferential treatment at specially designated locations (RZD).

Certain items are prohibited at railway stations, such as fire arms and ammo, or items resembling them, items that could be used as weapons (knives, metal spikes) explosives, fireworks and chemical, biological and radioactive materials.

Multilingual volunteers will be available at stations, in order to help those in need of assistance who do not speak Russian. Bear in mind that most railway employees do not speak English.

Drinking alcohol (unless you are seated in a dining car) and alcohol intoxication are forbidden in trains and train stations.

Stations offer free Wi-Fi and power outlets to charge small electronic devices (such as mobile phones, among others). Restrooms are free of charge for holders of valid train tickets within two hours after arrival. You will be charged for other services, such as special lounge areas and luggage storage cabins, among others.

(3) The use of flags and emblems in stadiums is permitted under FIFA rules on size and style; however, they must not display language with extremist, political and social connotations or contrary to public order.

Flags with inscriptions are FORBIDDEN in public spaces.

Gatherings in public spaces must be previously authorized by the municipality and the police. Gatherings outside FAN FESTS (special venues for fans; for further information, go to fifa.com/worldcup/organisation/fan-fest ) will be dispersed. Resisting the police may lead to temporary arrest and the imposition of fines. If you use physical violence to resist the police,you may be charged with a crime.

The police may conduct document checks on pedestrians; therefore, you must always carry your FAN ID, your passport and your immigration card with you.

The possession, sale and use of hallucinogenic drugs is forbidden. Failure to observe this rule may lead to severe sanctions. Drug use for medicinal purposes is also PROHIBITED. Temporary detention in these cases can last for the duration of the trial, which could last over a year.

Alcohol consumption in public spaces, such as squares, streets, inner courtyards of buildings, stations and public transport, among others, is forbidden. Failure to observe this rule, if detected, will result in the police taking your fingerprints and the imposition of a fine.

Speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol are also prohibited.

It is important to observe basic rules of civility, for example, by avoiding littering and graffitiing.

Assaults on sexual dignity are punished with arrest.

Public displays of gender and sexual diversity will be sanctioned.

Bear in mind that public displays of affection between same-sex couples are socially frowned upon in general.

(4) The FIFA Code of Conduct is available at fifa.com

Restrictions and prohibitions on forbidden items in stadiums can be found at welcome2018.com
Failure to observe these rules may result in severe sanctions, and may even lead to expulsion from Russian territory.

(5) Address: 4-y Dobryninskiy Pereulok, 8, Moscow. Nearest subway stations: Oktyabrskaya (intersection of orange and brown lines) and Dobryninskaya (intersection of grey and brown lines). Telephone number: +7 495 502 1020 | EMERGENCY MOBILE PHONE NUMBER: +7 903 725 1449


Originally published at https://www.cancilleria.gob.ar/en/news/releases/fifa-world-cup-2018-recommendations-argentine-foreign-ministry

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