Friday, 22 December 2017
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On Friday 22 December, at the headquarters of the Administrative Commission of the River Uruguay (CARU in Spanish), a contract was signed for dredging, opening, deepening and maintenance services for the River Uruguay between km 0 and km 206.8, including the access Channel to the Port of Concepcion del Uruguay, Entre Rios Province.

This is a strategic project to facilitate navigation through the River Uruguay, which has been long demanded by the Argentine and Uruguayan people on both river banks. This significant investment in infrastructure is expected to boost trade in the region, reduce freight costs and attract new investment, creating jobs and promoting sustainable economic activities.

The event was attended by the President of CARU, Mauro Vazón, the Vice President of CARU, Gastón Silbermann, and officials of both countries’ delegations. It was also attended by the Mayor of Concepcion del Uruguay, Eduardo Lauritto, the Mayor of Bella Unión, Luis López, representatives of Colonia, Salto and Artigas, authorities of the Uruguayan National Ports Administration and of the Ports Authority of Entre Ríos Province, as well as other officials, consuls and legislators from both countries.

The dredging of the River Uruguay is not only a long-standing demand of the people living on the river banks, but also of port workers and politicians that have long requested the dredging in addition to the Committee of the Waterway. Now, after achieving this key goal, the aim is to continue working towards the north with a view to establishing a waterway that can be navigated in its entirety.

This event marks the beginning of the execution stage of the dredging project that both countries planned and entrusted to the Commission. This work is part of a series of projects that include monitoring the River Uruguay, assessing the quality of its waters and a plan for monitoring fisheries activities.

The Administrative Commission of the River Uruguay awarded the contract for the work to the company Jan De Nul N.V. under an international Call for Bids. The legal representative of the company, Bob Michta, stated: “This is the beginning of a project that will create a favourable environment for investment in the region, generating quality employment and sustainable economic activities. Jan De Nul is proud to participate in this process.”


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