Monday, 04 March 2019
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Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie met with Mayor José Corral and confirmed that the city of Santa Fe will host the 54th Summit of Presidents of MERCOSUR, which will bring together the Heads of State from the regional bloc.

During the meeting between Faurie and Corral in the city of Santa Fe, the Foreign Minister noted that “the summit is very important for MERCOSUR,” since, in Santa Fe, “decisions will have to be made regarding the future of the four countries that make up the bloc, how we will relate to the world and how to make it more efficient”.

Faurie also stated that in addition to the Heads of State of the MERCOSUR countries, Santa Fe will receive leaders from MERCOSUR associate states.

The Foreign Minister underscored Mayor Corral’s “proactive attitude” and the organization of Mercocities in 2016 and noted that the city has “great human capital, infrastructure availability and quality public spaces such as Belgrano Station, the old Marconetti Mill, or the old silos at the port. Santa Fe has a great opportunity”.

“Just as the G20 meeting made us feel proud of Buenos Aires as the capital of a country capable of organizing such a major international event with the presence of the world’s most important leaders, with this Mercosur Summit, Santa Fe has the possibility of showing its best,” he added.


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