Tuesday, 19 September 2017
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          In the context of Argentina’s commitment to prioritizing education under its G-20 Presidency in 2018, Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie participated last night in the Global Citizen Week Festival held at Central Park in New York.

“Education is fundamental to build more productive, safer and healthier communities,” Faurie stated on the stage of the Festival organized by Global Citizen, an NGO, highlighting that “the Global Partnership for Education, which is the only global fund that works for education in the poorest countries of the world, is showing results and is ready to achieve more. We need to ensure that the Partnership has the necessary resources.”

            The Argentine Foreign Minister reminded participants that, in July, President Mauricio Macri “stood on the stage of the Global Citizen Festival in Hamburg and committed to placing education at the core of the agenda of the Argentine G-20 presidency.”

“Inclusive globalization can only be achieved through a sustainable development agenda including education at its core,” Faurie stated.


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