Tuesday, 14 March 2017
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At the Palacio San Martín, Susana Malcorra celebrated the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China, along with Wanming Yang, the Chinese Ambassador to Argentina. “It is a moment of joy. There are opportunities for both nations to work together, and we have done so,” said the Argentine Foreign Minister.

“We are at this very special event celebrating the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Argentina, Argentina and China,” Malcorra added. “This has been reconfirmed as of December 10, 2015, when President Macri took office, since we have made a great effort to work on a common agenda ensuring that this administration´s priorities were reflected in the projects included within the strategic agreement signed between Argentina and China,” Malcorra said.

Foreign Minister Malcorra thanked the Ambassador, his government and his people “for their generosity, their availability, and for listening and acknowledging our perspective while finding solutions whenever required.”

Later, during a press conference with Ambassador Wanming Yang, Malcorra stated: “Both our countries are always trying to increase their commercial exchanges: we have trade exchanges which we think are far from what we could achieve, and we are working not only to increase exports of soy bean oil but also of many other goods that could prove useful for China, whose middle class and high purchasing power segment have grown and we are aiming at them with added-value products.”

“As regards dams, the environmental impact assessment is being completed. At the end of the month, the Environment Minister, Sergio Bergman, will be receiving the assessment. We are working to take the necessary steps in order to relaunch the construction of the dams with a project that meets the needs, including consideration of the environmental impact,” Foreign Minister Malcorra concluded.


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