Friday, 15 September 2017
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Yesterday, the Ambassadors to Brazil of Trinidad and Tobago, Cyprus, Namibia and Nepal with concurrent accreditation to the Argentine Republic presented, for the first time by means of a video conference, the Copies of their Letters of Credence to Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie.

Amery Browne from Trinidad and Tobago, Haralambos Kafkarides from Cyprus, Samuel Sheefeni from the Republic of Namibia and Tara Pokharel from the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal were the first Ambassadors based in another country with concurrent accreditation to present to Argentine Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie, by means of a video conference, the Copies of the Letters of Credence that accredit them as representatives of their countries to Argentina.

An embassy with concurrent accreditation is an embassy based in a given country that is also in charge of issues pertaining to one or several other countries, generally within the region. In this case, the embassies involved are based in Brazil and deal with bilateral relations with Argentina.

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