Academy Update: Hosting Local Youth Club Directors at Open Training

Academy Update: Hosting Local Youth Club Directors at Open Training

Last weekend, Inter Miami CF hosted an open training session at DRV PNK Stadium. Fans came together on the special Saturday afternoon to get an up-close look at the First Team and its new additions. During the fun fútbol activities, the Inter Miami CF Academy presented by Baptist Health also hosted a number of local youth club directors, including an open discussion held in the XBTO Northwest Club.

A number of speakers touched upon the Academy’s importance within the community, and how together, they can share a successful and mutually beneficial relationship. The speakers included:

●  Xavi Asensi – Chief Business Officer 

●  Chris Henderson – Chief Soccer Officer and Sporting Director 

●  Craig Dalrymple – Academy Director

Prior to the training session, the speakers discussed their roles within the Academy and how together, the club plans to develop our local talent and create a winning culture. 

For Asensi, who previously worked in his native Spain for FC Barcelona, it was a chance to discuss the unique opportunities to work together with local clubs given the structure of the sport in the United States. For Henderson, it was a chance to share his vision of what success looks like in the local market, stressing the importance of a holistic approach to development and recruiting, as well as maintaining strong relationships with local clubs, athletes and coaches. Dalrymple, meanwhile, understands the value of open communication between Inter Miami and the local clubs, emphasizing the importance of continued conversation to grow the game to its full potential in South Florida, which he noted as the highest potential area in the country.

Reflecting on the event, Dalrymple shared the idea behind gathering the directors from local clubs, expressing the importance of fostering the sense of community in South Florida. 

“The concept was to continue to engage with the community clubs. We wanted to offer opportunities for them to have another look through the window into what we’re doing, in this case First Team training. So for them to be around that, to hear, smell and see, it was important,” said Dalrymple.

“We’re listening to the community. We want to continue to build relationships with them. The ecosystem in South Florida is important to us.”

Dalrymple also continued to stress the importance of moments like these, highlighting the benefits to all parties.

“It’s important to us that we support each other, that they support us in terms of attending games and supporting their local MLS club. But we also support them in terms of outreach and opportunities to not only stay connected, not just from a talent ID perspective, but also commercial, tickets, fundraising, whatever it may be.”

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